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Dream 01_199601

Dream of the Month (January 1996)

  1. Title: The Classic Film

  2. Date of the Dream: December 5, 1995

  3. Dream: A close relative of mine suggests that I rent an old movie from the 1940s. She keeps telling me what a great, landmark life-changing classic movie it is.

    So I rent it and take it home and begin watching it. It is black-and-white, and the first scene involves a woman lying in a bed while three people are standing around her. There are two men and a woman; the two men are standing on either side of the bed and teh woman is standing behind the bed. The woman lying in the bed is either very sick or disabled, and she is wearing a white gown with a heart in the center of the torso. She is alive in the first scene. She is silent while the other actors are discussing the importance of the film. They are talking about what a truly great film it is, the importance of the film's message, and how it usually changes lives. They warn the viewers that at first it is difficult to watch, but to stick with it and they will be rewarded. And strangely, they are also talking about Henry Kissinger. The two men take turns sewing each side of the heart onto the woman's gown, and there is creepy music in the background as if something scary is going to happen.

    The scene fades out and the second scene fades in. The same three people are now seated in the same places around the bed, and they are working diligently. Their hands are very bolldy and their clothes are soiled. The woman on the bed is on her back, her head turned to one side, and she has been expertly sliced down the middle, so that her head has been sliced through the nose and her body is perfect halves of front and back. At this point, the woman has been dead for long enough that she is starting to decay and her hair is falling out. At this point in the dream I wake up, horrified.

  4. Significant life event:None

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Upcoming final exams

  6. Associations: None

  7. Category: Nightmare

  8. Pen Name: Veronica

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

This dream is certainly a hallmark of change. One of the qualities that makes dreams so alarming is that change of any kind of often depicted as change or surgery on the body. In this case, I believe the dreamer may have undergone a change of heart. This change may have been suggested and encouraged from several avenues, yet the dreamer now has mixed feelings about it. Being sliced down the middle is likely a metaphor for feeling like something has cut you in half or pulled you apart. Although the dream seems to end on a horrible note, I believe inner conflict and torment about a life change is really the damaging element, not the change itself. Making a decision to accept a new situation one way or another can sometimes provide a sense of wholeness again.

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