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Dream 01_199512

Dream of the Month (December 1995)

  1. Title: The Lost City

  2. Date of the Dream: November 1994 (submitted November 1995)

  3. Dream: I stand in a shop with shelves filled with pornographic magazines. Strangely, I don't seem to be aroused by the pictures. I get the notion the shop is run by an elderly lady, whom I see standing behind the counter. There is another person (male) in the room.

    The next thing I remember, I am racing through a forest on a motorbike, with a strong sensation of being followed. I have a companion racing behind me on a second bike. No sounds have occurred until now. As we race through the forest composed of pine trees, we go round a bend and find there is a cliff towering over us on our left side. In an effort to escape the pursuers we drive our vehicles up the steeply sloping cliff. Apparently we make it to the top, though without our bikes, which we have to abandon. And as we raise ourselves over the edge of the cliff I face the most astounding vista I've ever encountered.

    Stretching out before me is a giant city, the bounderies of which reach out beyond the horizon. The sky is peculiar, not blue at all, but with a brownish tint. There is no sun, instead there is a vast rotating wheel in the sky almost like a maelstrom. My attention returning to the city, I see that it starts right at me feet. Directly underneath me is a roof, seemingly made of some dark grey-brown stone. My companion and I jump onto the roof and enter the house by dropping down on the porch. By now I feel a certain dark undercurrent in the mood of the whole place, a tinge of that Lovecraftian, hidden horror. The interior of the house is ancient, in keeping with everything else we have seen. The roof is supported by columns, the floor tiled and dusty. The last thing I remember is my companion (whom I still don't recognize) alerting me to a movement in the ceiling. It is a fish, strongly reminiscent of the deepwater kind. It also resembles the fish people put into aquariums for cleaning purposes. The fish is swimming in the ceiling.

  4. Significant life event: None

  5. Personal concerns/issues: None

  6. Associations: The city, as seen from atop the cliff, reminded me strongly of Lovecraft's description of the ancient city on the plains of Leng in the Antarctic wastes. The story is called At The Mountains of Madness.

  7. Category: Anomalous

  8. Pen Name: Christian Solberg

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

This extraordinary dream strikes me as a coming-of-age journey; a subjective view of changing landscapes and unexpected responses to both old and new. It is an uncanny thing to find you have outgrown what once pleased and excited you; in a sense the world turns upside down and nothing was what it seemed a short time ago. We all round the corner at some point and recognize that life itself is the great adventure. When the challenge we face is steep enough, it requires we abandon our attitudes and bravado and make the journey through personal intention. The view from the precipice is astounding, because the world is nothing like we previously thought it was; the bounderies are much grander and the possibilities are literally at our feet. The inner exploration that accompanies heroic passages can seem morbid or macabre, because change is always the most frightening thing of all, but what rises from the depths is quite natural, and provides a kind of cleansing as well as startling revelations from one's innermost core.

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