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Dream 01_199511

Dream of the Month (November 1995)

  1. Title: I Captured a Leprechaun

  2. Date of the Dream: February 15, 1993 (submitted October 1995)

  3. Dream: I was walking up a path leading to the top of a hill in Ireland of the late 18th Century. To my left was a retainer wall of stone embedded in the hill that rose above. The colors are very vivid, I can feel the air and breathe the atmosphere. It is as if I am really there. I can hear the birds. As I round a corner I notice a house built entirely of stone, even the roof, save for a heavy wooden door. Coming upon the door, I push it open and to my surprise I behold a family clan of leprechauns. They were 4 to 5 feet tall and attired in earthy clothing. They semed like an extended family ranging the full spectrum of ages. I realize immediately that I have caught them. I proclaim to the maile leader, "Well, I've got you and there is no way out, you're caught!" I reached out and laid hold of a teenage female. Looking into the face of the leader I proclaim: "I caught you fair and square, didn't I?" He acknowledges that I have indeed.

    Some time passes and I find myself in bed with the girl. I know I could take her if I want to, but I know this wouldn't be right. I remember thinking that we were not even of the same species. I release her, disclaiming my "ownership." Now I did capture the Leprechan and I am still wondering where is my pot-o-gold. (Note: I am not now, nor have I ever seriously desired the courtship of a teenage girl.)

  4. Significant life event: Premature death of a close friend. The loss and the dream occured three years ago.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I suffered terribly the death of my friend. The day after his death I sensed the presence of his spirit in my home, as real as if he were there in body. His spirit presence remained in the area of our town for several days. I could somehow detect this through a projection from within my chest. Nothing like this had ever happened before. My psychic senses seemed to open up. I also, at that time experienced several precognitive dreams that came to pass.

  6. Associations: Could I be chasing rainbows? Looking for a quick fix, like a pot of gold? The dream did seem more like a memory than a dream though.

  7. Category: Psychic

  8. Pen Name: Link

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

This dream seems to contrast the differences between personal control and spiritual awakening. The rugged stony terrain of the Irish countryside is much like the toughened exterior of a person, built to withstand and weather any storm. A stone retaining wall embedded in a hill would certainly be stalwart, well-braced and strong. As a metaphor for a person, that "territory" would be good for toughing out a rough time, but wouldn't offer many emotional choices, and it wouldn't permit yielding to experiences which cannot be met with muscle or will. Yet, life and dreams are full of magic. By going through a door and going inside yourself you enter a realm where legendary magic has lived all along. This might represent the emotional and psychic shifts that occurred during your pain and loss. Finding inner connections that transcend physical bounderies is indeed like discovering magical beings or a pot of gold. You appear to have a depth of understanding even in the dream, that the connection and magic you have found is not about self-gratification or earthly pleasures, but rather is about extended family and matters of spirit.

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